who am i

Hey everyone!!!
Welcome to my blog!!
My name is İpek. I'm 18 and I live in Türkiye.
Sometimes I make edits and stuff so enjoy!

what do i do

I got into university and I'm gonna study industrial design. I'm very excited about this but also very nervous. My school will start in September. So I'm looking forward to it.

twitter: @jacelary
or @unchartedsouls



• The Scorch Trials, I'm late I know.
• I'm planning to read Allegiant, I Heart New York next. Hopefully.


• Teen Wolf S4 duhh
• Under the Dome S2
• and Shaytards everyday lmao I love them very much tbh


I mean I'm listening to so many people obv. But I've been obsessed with these lately:
Ed Sheeran - X, The Nbhd, AM and I don't know how many times I listened to 5SOS album this week. yup.


about the blog

First of all this is a multifandom blog. So I'm scared to list every single thing that I blog or reblog about. Because there is A LOT of things lmao. And if you're following me I appreciate it. You can see all my edits here.

I'm pretty sure my The Sorting Hat and my Demigods edits are my most loved ones. So you can check them out.

If you're feeling a lil bit down you can have a look at my same tag because they crack me up.
And feel free to talk to me!


You can check out all the lovely people I follow here. Miray and Gizem are my best friends in real life and in every world that exists. I can't put their importance to me into words so if you'd like to have a look into their blogs just click on their names!


currently excited about

• University,
• COHF to be translated because I want to read it in my native language,
• The Maze Runner, The Mockingjay P1, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hobbit, 22nd Jump Street. (I'm scared to go any further)
• Ruining Wreck This Journal,
• Reuniting with my sun :), seperating from my awesome mystery :( -university may suck because of that-
• Start writing again; because I was really busy last year and I didn't have any time to,
• Learning guitar,
• Exploring new music,
• Reading more obv,
• Starting to make edits and taking care of my bby blog.
Basically having more of a free time to myself.


galaxy's edge;
ipek; eighteen; industrial design student;
band members and fictional characters are the reasons why i have high expectations so basically fml
& & &
the eyes are on fire
you are the unforcasted storm


maybe this won’t last very long but you feel so right

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